Mortgage for Good and Bad Credit Borrowers at Lowest Rate

banner1-818x413We are registered mortgage Brokerage Company to carry out business of mortgages province wide. The company enjoys arranging all kind of Purchase/Refinance mortgages.  We hire mortgage professionals at flexible terms.  We arrange mortgages through our strong relationship with chartered banks, credit unions, trust companies, syndicated private lenders and individual private lenders.

We process all Residential and Commercial Mortgages in timely manners. That includes the gathering of any missing documents from the borrower, uploading the file to the lender suitable to borrowers’ credit ratings, ordering appraisal, underwriting etc., clearing all underwriting conditions, arranging for the closing of the loan with all parties, and post-closing the file.

Consider the benefits: 

We save borrower time for shopping around for best interest rate and desired mortgages terms
• We are in constant communication with lenders and the borrowers
• All information are kept safe and secure using top security measures.
• We have thorough knowledge of lenders, CMHC, Genworth, Filogix(Expert) and NHA
• Compliance with industry regulations

The following mortgage products successfully completed and being done:

Residential Mortgage Category

  1. High ratio  up to 100% LTV
  2. Conventional  up to 80% LTV
  3. Purchase
  4. Refinance
  5. Fixed or closed rate
  6. Variable rate
  7. Up to 35 Years Amortization
  8. Terms from 6 months to 20 years
  9. Make one small mortgage payment after debt consolidation (higher rate First OR  Second mortgage, high interest credit cards balance, personal loan or line of credit, collection, property tax arrears, government lien, social responsibility, pay off consumer proposal balance amount etc.)
  10. Equity line Visa
  11. Home Equity line of credit(HELOC)
  12. All in one mortgage which includes fixed mortgage and secured line of credit
  13. Bridge financing
  14. private Second Mortgage or from syndicated private lender up to 85% LTV
  15. Bad credit, No score, Reject score applicants
  16. First time home buyers
  17. New comers (Welcome Canada)
  18. Secured Credit cards
  19. Self-employed Category up to 90% LTV

Commercial Mortgage Category:

  1. Brand name or non-brand name gas stations
  2. Shopping Plaza
  3. Mixed use properties
  4.  Rental Apartment buildings up to 85% ltv
  5.  Industrial buildings
  6.  Franchise Motel/hotels up to 65% LTV
  7. Construction loan for industrial unit, retail business, apartment building, residential subdivision etc.
  8.  Commercial or agricultural land acquisition

We consist of mortgage processing professionals who have extensive knowledge, experience and expertise in all aspects of mortgages. Our Senior Management Team has a total of some 25 years’ experience in Mortgage Banking and Retail Banking. We know the mortgages. Our business philosophy is quite simple whether it is borrower or mortgage professional working with us:

“You deserve to get more money”

 We adhere to the guidelines of FSCO

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