Private Mortgage

Reliable Financial Group Inc(RFGI) is best source of Private Mortgage

Following private mortgage feature would like you:

  • Open Terms Standard
  • No Deposits required before Instructing Lawyers
  • Stated Income
  • Interest Only and amortised Payments
  • Only 1 Lawyer required on Refinances
  • 1 Page Commitment
  • Negligible Renewal Fees
  • HELOC Available too
  • Some time lender fees less then 1%

For Borrowers:

  • Lender: We have in our connection experienced private lenders who can lend money on residential and commercial properties whether it is purchase or refinance. At present RFGI has pull of more than 20 in house private lenders.
  • Interest rate: Interest rate on private lending varies from 6.5% to 10% on first mortgage and 7.50% to 15% on 2nd The interest rate varies depends upon the location, credit and credit history, income, equity in the property, type of the property etc.
  • Appraisal Report:
  • Lender fees: Varies from lender to lender. 0% to 10% depends upon the mortgage amount
  • Brokerage fees: Minimum 1 % to 10% depends upon the mortgage situation
  • Mortgage Amount: Minimum $10,000

For Lenders:

Reliable Financial Group Inc (RFGI) mortgage brokerage house is  always looking for private lenders who are interested to invest their money in to the mortgage investment. Please contact us for your any question.