Best Offer to the Mortgage Professional in the Industry

  1. Commission split depends upon business brought by an agent, however RFGI policy is to offer 75 BPS on signing.
  2.  There is no monthly fee
  3.  There is no target
  4.  E &O insurance fees $200 for 1 year and becomes due at the time of FSRA renewal in March of any year and Equifax credit bureau charges are very low compare to the industry.
  5. There is no registration fees.
  6.  FSRA prorate registration fees required at the time of signing the contract (for new agents only)
  7. Payment transfer to agent’s bank account in 24 hours
    • on receipt of finder fees/commission from the lender/financial institution/banks and
    • on receipt of complete mortgage file with enclosures from agents(list will be provided)
  8.  Agent can register by sending docs by fax or email and talking on phone (Do not require to visit brokerage office, however if one is interested can do so.)
    Any question answers promptly